Chili Raspberry Cosmo

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I was waiting for something to come in last night that was due at noon and arrived at 11 p.m. I’d actually made dinner plans so, really, it’s not like I was missing anything.

Went to a great sushi place on the Avenue. I don’t know if folks do “Taste of (city)” days like we had in Bethesda, Md., or Restaurant Week like we had in D.C. But I saw this offer for a five-course sushi dinner and was all over that like, well, white on rice. 😉

The highlight? A chili raspberry cosmo. I never dreamed that jalapeno would make a cosmo even better. But it does. *slurp*

I think they put a roofie in my drink, because I pretty much went home and passed out on the couch. And I found that I whipped together my daily project in an hour this morning, as opposed to toiling over it for a couple of hours late at night because I’m tired and ADD and just want to crawl into bed.

Methinks I might have to do this “working in the morning” thing again — I used to have a daily early morning project, and nothing lit a fire under my pudgy butt like the deadline being RIGHT THERE.

I’m not a fan of working in general, but definitely not daily projects. But then I heard that what I work on is required reading at West Point, and suddenly I see how what I’m good at yet doesn’t register on my radar as earth-changing, isn’t a bad thing after all. Hunh. Who knew?

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