The power’s back on! The water’s hot again! w00t!

Seven fucking days after the storm, not to mention that my area was barely hit, minus a lot of rain and downed tree branches. Sheesh. Remind me to not hold my breath, the next time we have an outage. *sigh* I was just getting to a point where I might as well have left my overnight case at Shawn’s so I didn’t have to keep toting my panties back and forth every friggin’ day. Like I told my neighbors yesterday, it’s a shame to carry your underpants around town in a bag and not be getting laid. 🙂

In other news, I’ve been kitty training the past few days. Seems Kadi will scarf down her food, then run over to Maddie’s dish and poke her pointy head into her dish and scarf all that up, too.

So for the past three days, I have guarded Maddie while she eats. And that stupid little shit of a cat STILL harasses Maddie, no matter how many times I zing her with a squirt gun or just nudge her out of the way with my foot. But she knows she’s doing something wrong. I can snap my fingers and she will jump 10 feet, but she will recover immediately and stick her face in the dish the second she thinks I’m not looking. LIke right now, Maddie abandoned her dish five minutes ago, and I have shot the little cat with water 19 — no, make that 21 — times to get her away from the dish. Little ingrate — I spent more money on her specialty kitten food … that’s what she should be eating, not her big sister’s food!

I think I’ve worn her out for now. Maybe Maddie will wise up and just finish her food at each serving, but it’s a shame that now we can’t leave food out for her to graze, like we used to do.

Oh, well — who cares? Maybe now if the power stays on, I can actually keep some food in the house for me! 🙂

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