Emotional orgasm

Spent much of yesterday talking with my friends/colleagues about paying attention to spirit guides, patterns in our lives and signs that we’re on course. I wish I had taken notes during the discussion — I felt so empowered in the reminders and insights into the fact that I am so much more than I give myself credit for, and I can BE so much more. I decided it was like a two-hour orgasm, the way my heart was pulsating and my mind was racing.

Sure, work has been particularly stressful lately (not to mention that I accidentally replied to a message from Frosty instead of forwarding it to my friends with my snarky remarks!), but she’ll get over it, and so will I. A new zen has taken hold of me — the voices tell me not to worry, and damn it, I’m listening to them.

Speaking of paying attention to the voices in your head, I was on the couch last night, doing some reading, and I suddenly said out loud, “Dawn, call your mother.” So I did. She sounded stunned to hear from me, telling me, “How funny — I just said to myself, ‘Dawn, call your mother,’ because I hadn’t heard from you in a week and was hoping you were OK.” How wild is THAT?

Anyway, I was reminded that your heart knows exactly what you should be doing, even though we squelch it with logic, with excuses, with procrastination. Don’t fall or continue to fal into that, friends — show the world what you’re made of! I’ll be right there beside you, shining myself. …

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