Eau de cat ass

I knew my elder cat took an out-of-the-(litter)box dump somewhere before I rolled home last night, but where, I still have no idea. I’ve combed the house and even hosed down the carpets and floor cushions with pet stain stuff, but this morning I’m sitting here at the computer, wanting to kill myself because of the eau de cat ass.

Considering that I have no furniture, it shouldn’t be this hard to find kitty chunks. I did dig a bunch out of Maddie’s ass crack (*sigh*) but I’m guessing she wiped her ass on something fabric.

Here’s to hoping my cats jump off the balcony (again) before I buy furniture. This time, I won’t go looking for them!


Gawd damn it. I just went to pick up a menu I’d left by the door (tonight’ll be a late one, so I was thinking of picking up a pizza on the way home). And not only did Maddie shit on the carpet there, but she’d pulled the menu over it! She covered up the crime.

I’m mad as hell, of course (Maddie’s one more shit away from going to a Vietnamese restauarant), but how can you hate a cat who’s that fucking smart?

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