Dumb Bitch Award of the Day, Part Deux

There are just so many dumb bitches at my workplace that I simply can’t give out one award and stop there.

Today’s honoree is Town Crier, whom you may remember as being a major thorn in my ass. In regard to something that didn’t appear in the newspaper (which I had asked her pointedly to help me obtain), she sent the following e-mail to Cruise Director and Demure:

“It has been pointed out to me that the (New England-based branch), and its rep, (Dumb Bitch on Ice), don’t appear in the (Veggie Patch Gazette’s) piece on region goals.”

My response:

“I received (Dumb Bitch on Ice’s) photo, which she handed to (Town Crier) at the (Idiots Savante) meeting, which was two weeks after the established deadline date of June 30), but I never received the goals. I sent a follow-up e-mail to (DB on I) and asked (Town Crier) to assist me in contacting her. The goals never arrived — I had an open space for them until two days before we went to press.

Moving forward, I would be glad, if she does send goals, to include them in the September issue.”

Cruise Director’s response to my e-mail:

“Sounds good to me. (Town Crier) — please let whoever brought this up know what transpired so we don’t get dumped on.”

Heh heh. Town Crier got the smackdown. Fucking cunt.

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