Destiny, and all that jazz

Since it’s going to be a stupendously long day, I don’t feel bad about taking a blog break. So, here goes nothing (literally!).

I’m a firm believer in destiny and things working out as they should. But I read something in Cosmo this weekend (it’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to a bible — shut up) that it’s all fine and swell and stuff to expect things will turn out the way you want them to, but you can’t get lazy and just expect all’s well that ends well without actually DOING the work necessary to achieve those predetermined goals.

That sort of served as a kick in the ass for me, because while I’ve never been afraid of hard work, well, I do enough of it all week, thankyouverymuch. When it comes to the trainwreck that is my personal life, I sort of tend to rest on my laurels because, well, why shouldn’t SOMETHING come easily for a change?

But then again, while I know I’m destined to weigh less than I do now, I don’t see me stopping the ice cream diet anytime soon. I may skip dinner in favor of a lovely waffle cone at my friendly neighborhood ice cream joint (the birthday-cake-flavored ice cream is my weakness– dear god, it’s frozen frosting. *slurp*)

Where was I?

Oh, right. Destiny and all that jazz. Anyway, I think I’ve let a lot of opportunities pass me by as I’ve “waited” for something that might or might not never come to pass. Maybe it will still come. Or maybe I didn’t evolve enough for it. Maybe I’ve been afraid of evolving TOO MUCH and growing away from it.

But this pseudo-inertia in the interim certainly hasn’t been helping matters, either.

I guess I should just go about running in place before the direction becomes clear. At least I’ll be in motion for when I need to jump on whatever it is that I’ve been missing and/or that I SHOULDN’T be missing either in the meantime or even going forward indefinitely. ‘Cause it’s pretty hard to get up off my ass when it gives me time to reconsider.

Bottom line — there’s nothing wrong with going wherever the wind blows you. But unless you don’t mind it slamming you into the occasional tree, perhaps thinking ahead and donning some protective headgear (and maybe a compass) wouldn’t be such a bad idea so that we don’t get a concussion or detoured too badly from not just being where we’re supposed to be, but also being where we WANT to be.

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