Dental damn

Rejected headline: ‘Theater of Pain’

Left dentist’s office after two solid hours in absolute tears. Not that the procedure hurt all that much, but when I found out all the out-of-pocket expenses will be in the several-hundred-dollar range for just this month’s work. I cried for a solid hour. It’s bad enough that my job pays me shit and that I worked till 9:30 last night because they won’t hire anyone to help me until late April. It’s bad enough that no matter how hard I work at this job, I will never earn enough money to afford to pay my rent, car and student loan without having to juggle other expenses such as utilities and necessitites. Then, throw on top of it all the dental work I need … and my plan covers 50 percent of the work (and then there was a charge for $475 today that insurance won’t cover at all).

Well, my novocaine just wore off. I need to into hiding for awhile. I just came into work to catch up, but I think I’m going to take my raccoon eyes home and just hope to feel better. Damn it all to hell.


Tooth. Hurts. Like. Hell. I have some Vicodin left over from the last time I had a root canal done on that tooth, thankfully. (Today’s dentist ripped out the old packing, re-packed it, built it up so that it would support a crown, and is having me return on Friday to not only put the crown on it, but to extract the neighboring wisdom teeth, as they are putting undue pressure on my back teeth).

After bursting into tears at the dentist’s office, they agreed to charge me in installments for this month’s dental business — right now the conservative estimate is $500 but could go as high as $1,000, depending on the insurance company. I told the receptionist that I’d fare better if I quit my job, got on welfare and got a Medicaid card, rather than working for a living and suffering through bad wages and an even worse health plan.

My temporary raise at work is drawing to an end, and Shan had advised me to do something significant with the money (she had wanted me to purchase a new computer with it). Seems the significant purchase is saving my teeth, which is obviously more sensical than getting a computer. But what compounded my hysterial today was that I was just turned down for a computer loan — seems they’re not impressed that I defaulted on my college loan. 🙂 Wonder why that would bother them? 😉

Found a job I want to apply for. I made it through the interviews at work and am going into the second round on Wednesday. I also get to interview the other two candidates (!). It’s odd that I get to see not only the competition, but also their resumes and what not. This should be interesting. The other job I want to apply for pays $20K more than I’m making now. If by some grace of god I get the job at the Veggie Patch, I plan to use the other job prospect as leverage. Wish me luck on the other one — I think quite honestly that I’d like it better. And damn it, I hope their dental plan is better!

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