Daytime TV

I stayed home today to do intense editing (that, and I had a wicked migraine last night, so bad that I had to leave work before I murdered someone, just so they’d feel my pain). So I’ve been engrossed in talk shows and soap operas (I love the former, detest the latter).

I think daytime soaps and maybe even porn have totally ruined sex and romance for us. Sure, they’re turn-ons, but is it really like that in real life? (Allow me to insert the caveat that, on the few occassions that I’ve been lucky enough to have porn-quality sex, it was usually with someone who couldn’t form a complex sentence if they tried, and my brain needs just as much stimulation as my clitoris.) I swear, I blame television for making me want to find a storybook romance. But on the other hand, it makes me hope that it really is out there somewhere.

But until I find it, I’ve enjoyed masturbating like a dozen times today. 🙂

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