Dark and wet

But enough about my crotch. 😉

That’s how I describe Northern Virginia weather lately. It’s always overcast, of late, and it’s pointless to labor to wash one’s car when Mother Nature is gonna rag all over it for you.

Last night, I took Tiff to the Springfield area to pick up her temperamental but still beloved vehicle, and as I was a stone’s throw from the mall, I journeyed to Linens & Things and to Boutique Tarzhay for some household goodies. I was careful to only pick up the items I needed, which threw me into bankruptcy anyway. But I have Swiffer and trashcans and shelving and cat food, so life is grand.

This morning, I was in the mood for some toast. So I went ripping and tearing through multiple kitchen boxes, unpacking them as I went. The toaster was in the third box, but by then, I was tired and cranky and smellin’ kinda funky, so I showered and never did make that fucking toast. But Mom had sent a little loaf of her famous banana bread yesterday, and I happily had a slice on my way out the door.

I took the trash down to the sub-basement this morning — a scary voyage at best. I was greeted by the stench of unembalmed corpses and by a welcome wagon of waterbugs. Yeeaacccchh. The trash room also doubles as the laundry facility, but something tells me I will just have to keep buying more clothes so that I do not have to wash the old ones in that godforsaken pit.

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