Dancing Queen, part 4

After last night’s lesson, I am almost sorry to know that, after two more lessons, this adventure will be over.

We’re learning a combination of both difficult and simple steps, and maybe it’s because we’ve all gained a bit of self-confidence during the past four weeks, but it seems easier. We seem to flow, to meld, to glide way better than we did at the beginning. Granted, I have a long way to go before I can fluidly move from one set of steps into another set, but it will happen. Eventually. 🙂

Although Mike is easy on the eyes and is really starting to get comfortable with the steps, I say, hands-down, my best dancing partner is Dave. After class, we had pizza with Debonair Gary, Deirdre and Bonnie (who missed class but showed up for a glass of chardonnay and some good food), and even they admitted that while it’s cool and a neat way to meet people when we change partners, we really do find that we work best with just one person. Amen to that — let’s face it, assuming I never get Mike’s number, the only person I will dance with after this class ends is Dave, so it’s more important that we learn the steps with someone with whom we will actually use them.

I truly enjoyed meeting the others over dinner. Granted, I was a little perturbed at having to actually get up out of my chair and move across the room to a bigger table, but I was meant to meet that crew. It’s weird — professionally, we all have some sort of connection or similar interest. And everyone’s laid-back and funny when they’re off the dance floor. For most of us, our personalities really shine through on the floor — Dave and I laugh and keep trying or celebrate when we do well. It’s like I’ve finally left the nerves at the door. And wasn’t there an old country song, “I Just Came Here to Dance”? (Yes, my family made me listen to David Frizzell and Shelly West and all the other country artists in the ’70s and ’80s.)

Something about Bonnie intrigued me. Her job, of course, made me salivate. In fact, over dinner, she received a call from someone, telling her about the bombings in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and I was enthralled. She has that kind of piercing gaze, too, like she’s really trying to see inside you when you’re speaking. It was unnerving at first — because I’m so flippant and so all-over-the-place when I talk, but she really concentrates on you, as if you were divulging the secret of life. I will definitely have to talk to her and Deirdre again — it was great to meet them, as we women typically don’t meet each other and the men don’t meet each other either, because we’re so busy dancing and switching partners of the opposite sex.

At any rate, I was reduced to a fit of giggles during the class, so much so that I blurted out, “I am SO going to blog about this!” But as I couldn’t load Blogger to save my life when I got home from class last night, I forget what inspired me to say that, so I guess I’m not blogging about it. (Dave is breathing a sigh of relief as he’s reading this — I can feel it!). 😉

We did some twirly stuff, which was fun, but then there was that horrid part where we had to dance 180-degree turns on one foot. Gaaah! Luckily, the anticipated casualties didn’t occur. In fact, the easiest way to obtain wounds in that class is when the couples are all doing different things and we end up crashing into each other, demolition derby-style.

Dave is rooting for me with Mike — while I was searching for my keys (which someone was sitting on), he invited Mike and Stephanie to join us for pizza. They politely declined, saying that they had eaten before class. Dave rocks! And I’m okay if nothing happens with Mike — but I would be sorely disappointed if I never ran into him and Stephanie again, because we were all laughing and having a really good time in class, and I’ll bet they’d be fun to hang out with. Not as fun as us, by any means (lol), but I think they’d be a nice addition to the mix of friends. I mean, really, something drew all of us to that class, and I believe that combination of people converged for a reason.

At any rate, as much as I whine and complain about the class, I do like it. And like Gary pointed out, it’s our first class, so it’s difficult but possible to learn rhythm on your feet, even if it doesn’t happen right away. They recommended that we take ballroom dancing, the fox trot and something else (can-can? cha-cha?). I think I might actually be up for that someday. Just not today! 😉

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