Damn Sniper

Here’s a fact sheet about the gunman/gunmen.

Wolf Blintzer did a special tonight on the beltway sniper shootings, and he did a piece on how the media is aiding and impeding the case. His survey of the day has viewers voting which letter grade (A-F) that they would give to the media for their coverage. Overwhelmingly, the watchdogs got a big fat F on their report cards.

I could go into what I wrote two posts ago, why I am embarrassed for my media counterparts. But I also have fledgling hope that they truly are evaluating some of the leads they are given, and maybe they truly are using their judgment about what not to report so as not to damage the investigation. I’ve been wrong before, though. The interviewees made a good point that it takes two to tango … that is, someone has to leak explosive information in order for it to be reported. Journalists snatch any little bone, though, and treat it like a steak dinner … but like investigators, journalists also know that some of those bones are, in fact, made out of clouds and papier-maiche.

Gawd, I’ve gotten deep. I need drugs. Badly. Here’s to hoping I finish my SEVEN (how the hell did that happen?) articles and somehow manage to whip together a press release and press CONFERENCE by Monday. This is seriously affecting my weekend plans to get fucked up … while I will most certainly deserve any juicy little pill that I swallow or herb that I smoke, can I afford to be spaced out on Monday? And do I actually have to be at this debacle that I am supposed to organize? Fuck me running.

Over at Amish Tech Support, Laurence suggested that the next target should be Geraldo. Sorry, Larry, I’ve got my hopes on it being Martha Stewart, in town for a doily-making convention. But it would be such a shame to hear passersby cheering on the sniper, wouldn’t it? Were that the case, I wouldn’t turn Sniperoo in … I’d build a memorial in his-or-their honor and display it proudly at the Mall.

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