‘Cum Shui’

Rejected title: “Are you a Backstreet Boy?”

Shawn and I had a Halloween adventure this evening. We started out in Old Town at the Carlyle House and at Gadsby’s Tavern (Paul, where the hell were you?) before running, not walking, down to Dupont to J.R.’s for some much-needed boozin’.

Shawn is a big believer in Bar Feng Shui — the art of moving around to find better scenery to increase one’s chances of colliding with hotties. I said I needed some Cum Shui myself, and that became today’s “word of the day” (the word of the day was “glory hole” when we did our Punkin-palooza last weekend).

We attended a party afterward in Logan Circle at the abode of Scott’s friend Linda. On our way to the car, some people stopped Shawn to ask if he were dressed as a Backstreet Boy for Halloween. I think it was a compliment of the highest order, but he argued that at least the boys in N’Sync are hotter than the Backstreet Boys. Reminded me of the old Howard Stern skit when he and his posse did the “Backside Boys,” and so that is what Shawn was for Halloween. I personally had decided to go as a “bitter twentysomething,” but alas, after the Backstreet fan club accosted Shawn, my role for the holiday became “groupie.” 🙂

Linda’s party was cool — nearly everyone was in costume, and Scott (portraying an eerily realistic “Flo Castleberry” from the fabulous sitcom “Alice”) won the prize for Sexiest costume. Go, Flo!

There was an amazingly hot girl at the soiree, and Shawn and I had to take a strange pause because we both found her ridiculously attractive. Humph. Who’da thought?

I had to laugh because Linda served a completely vegan menu; me, I’ll be serving meat, meat and more meat tomorrow. That is, if I ever get up and start my damn preparing. 🙂 (Aside to invitees: Feel free to come later than 7:30 p.m. Really. Be fashionably late so the hostess can get her shit together! LOL)

Aside to fans who have been in withdrawal because of Shawn’s delay in updating his blog: our fearless friend is gainfully employed again. Woo hoo! Celebratory drinks are assuredly in order, and I shall be pleased to provide a few dozen for anyone interested. 🙂

One last quote of the night: In Gadsby’s, we were on this adventure to steal the skull of Blackbeard, and we were corralled into a room and told, “Be quiet and be quick.” I said, rather loudly, “That’s what I tell all my men!” *snerk*

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