The two people detained in the sniper case are apparently unable to be connected to the crime. I was overjoyed when I heard about the arrests, as I need to put some fuel in Samantha Jones, and I was hoping to do it tomorrow (payday). Shit. But the cops are finally releasing information about the note found at the scene. Now I understand why Moosehead was being so cryptic in his statement to “call us at the number you provided.” And here I thought he was being semi-literate, like usual. My opinion of him just went up a point or three. But I am still terrified, nonetheless.

Just a final thought: my family and I used to eat at Ponderosa about once a month when I was younger. It was not unusual for at least one of us to be doubled over in the parking lot, stricken with gastrointestinal attacks after eating that crappy food. Back then, no one would have ever dreamed that a bullet hit us in the stomach, although it certainly felt like it! 😉

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