C’mon weekend, show yourself!

We are without Internet access at work, so no bitching about the Veggie Patch for me (I heard you breathing a sigh of relief!).

But if I DID have ‘Net access there, here are some of the good sites I’d be visiting in between episodes of banging my head off the keyboard and chain-smoking in the parking lot:

Budget 101, a great place for sentimental (and cheap!) gifts. Check out their recipes that are made to replace your usual visits to expensive coffee shops and restaurants!

Why pussy is good for you, especially for the ladies! 🙂 (Commentary: Hasn’t the author considered that maybe watching our cats continually eating themselves out makes us jealous?)

“Crank Yankers” downloads, featuring my personal favorite, Special Ed! (“I got mail! Yay!”)

Crap On Me. Got dumped? Your boss is an asshole? Your friends fucked you over? Let the world know, and don’t forget to name names!

Online Orgasm. Compare male and female orgasms. Don’t worry — it only takes a second … literally. 🙂

Pinstruck: send a voodoo curse to your boss or most despised colleague! You can even make the dolls like like them!

And on a heartwarming note, Dineen and Mike’s son Alex has proven that he’s already a man.

One more heartwarming note, this time a baby girl named Alex, having the yawn of a lifetime:

Now go back to work! 🙂

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