Clean, close shave

Not for me, you pervs, but for Shawn.

OK, so I am kind of drunk right now (yes, it’s 6 p.m., but I had a hideous workday), and Shawn asked me to shave his head for him. So I did. I am covered in Shawn-hairs, and he’s in the shower, ridding himself of whatever fell from the Flowbee-type system he bought. At least I didn’t draw blood or anything. He looks good, save for one tiny patch above his ear where I might have gone too close (I did that part left-handed, proving that I can only masturbate with that hand, and that’s about it!), but he ain’t Van Gogh (all ears are intact), so I consider this an accomplishment.

So I found myself straddling him on the back porch. This is an activity better left to people who will fuck afterward — there was nothing erotic about shaving a gay man’s head. But if there are any straight men in need of a trim (in ANY area), I handled those clippers pretty darned beautiully. Thank you, Bacardi 151!

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