Church of Goddess

The last time I went to church for something other than a wedding, I wanted to stab my eyes out. I went to Easter mass with my best friend and her then-fiance (now husband). So when my friends got wind of the fact that I was contemplating going to church regularly, they declared I was either trying to impress a guy or that I had been dared (because I can never turn down a dare).

They’re half-right. It is for a guy. And that guy being God.

I attended my first service today, as I did have an automotive escapade, but nowhere near last week’s needing of a battery to make the car go. (My antenna got broken in the car wash, so it had to be replaced. I’m ready to start praying for the damn car.)

I have a lot of thoughts on today’s message, which was basically about fixing screw-ups — whether they were yours or not, because you can’t really move forward until you reach some sort of peace or truce, however uneasy it might ultimately be.

I’m not saying I agree with it. But it got me thinking, and I guess that’s what it was supposed to do. And I’m sure it’ll provide plenty of blog fodder for the upcoming week.

Something I’ve got to come to terms with, as an aside, is that there is a strip mall right next to the church, so I’ll be very light on cash if I did what I did today, which was hit every possible store. 🙂 Which brings me to yet another possible reason I may come to like this church thing after all — I get some spiritual enlightenment, and then I shop. Talk about satisfying the target audience! (Or, Tar-zhay audience. Whichever.)

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