*Christmastime in Hell*

*for those who loved last year’s “South Park” Xmas special.

“For one day we all stop burning, and the flames are not so thick

All the screaming and the torture stops as we wait for old Saint Nick

So string up the lights, and light up the trees

We’re damned for all eternity

But for just one day, all is well

It’s Christmastime in Hell!!”


So F/OM e-mailed me today, in response to a note I had dropped his way that mentioned my heartfelt desire to launch my own business.

He suggested we go for it together.

I was floored.

This is a GREAT thing! Despite the horrendous hell that was working at Two Strikes, he still holds me in high esteem as a worker. Granted, he knows I’m a 14K fuckup at the new job, but he knows that I need a lot more challenge and stimulation (and money!). I’ve always loved and idolized F/OM, and to have his personal endorsement of me meant so much. I sent him my ideas and thoughts about what it is that I want to do when I grow up, and I assured him that it’s a work-in-progress. Shan and I are going places in this world, and to have his encouragement and even his potential cooperation, my ego is doing pretty well today. He said with my writing ability and personal/business connections, J’s creativity, his financial sense and ability to fix toilets (allusion to all the SHIT at Two Strikes, I’m sure) and Shan’s business sense (and of course the girl’s god-given networking charm), we’re sitting on a goldmine of talent.

I just need a business name and then I can go to City Hall to get my business license. Any thoughts, folks? Media relations, promotions and parties. I need all the help I can get! It has to be short, sassy and memorable, just like lil ol’ me. 🙂

Am lookin’ forward to the weekend, even though I’m going to be scrambling to do my writing. I fear I will only be able to produce four of my five assigned stories, but given the way this month has gone (self-induced concussion, inclement weather, Frosty the Snow-Cow saying that we’ll have to live without our promised raises, and three days with no network access at the Veggie Patch), that’s fine by me. Besides, I still average six stories on any given month, and it’s Xmas, so my gift to myself is to earn my given salary. 🙂

At any rate, it’s almost Friday the 13th and IKEA Boy’s 28th Birthday!!! Saturday night brings dinner and a candlelit walking tour in Old Town. And drinking. Lots of it. Woo hoo!!! Food, fags and an alcoholic funk. What more can a gal need in this life? (Oh, yeah … SEX!!!) Well, we’ll see about that last part. Best offer (okay, okay … FIRST offer!) wins!!!!

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