Call me Typhoid Mary

Damn stomach flu. My ass is on fire. 🙂 And I haven’t eaten anything more than a bite of a cookie in two days, as I have the Technicolor yawn thing going on, too. And woudn’t it figure that the red tide rolled in today, too? Can’t I have one easy day for a change?


As I have nothing in my system, the heaves seem to have stopped. Yay! I’ve been subsisting on bismuth subsalicylate (the nasty pink peppermint stuff) and the nighttime-sniffling-sneezing-coughing etc. etc. liquid that I adore so deeply. I am now forcing myself to have some roasted-garlic-and-tomato soup, and it seems to be agreeing with me. But the headache just won’t go away. I think stress is keeping the headache active, as I just saw another stack of overdue bills arrive in the mail. Argh. I really can’t take much more. I’m going to drink my soup and wait for “Joe Millionaire.” 🙂

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