Busiest day of the week and I have lunch and drinking plans. Which, normal people get to do. Not Goddesses. Not without paying for it in some way.

I got to thinking this morning about the butterfly effect. Now, I’m not a believer in going back to a moment that could have changed everything because that means all the good that has happened since that moment never would have happened.

But … every now and again when you’re juggling 82 projects but have a rare moment of stillness when each is out of your hands because you’ve done all you could … you think about what other happy moments you might have enjoyed instead IF ONLY (fill in the blank).

And while I will never, ever, never ever EVER let my mind get too far out of my incessant control … and I’m certainly living in the now and not the what-was-and-what-wasn’t … I wonder if I would have been squirming for daylight (as is my way) or would I have been happy (and I would never have developed “my way” in the first place).

Imagine, a Goddess without a restless soul. Of course, I don’t think that could ever happen. So, I’ll take the butterflies in my belly whenever I can get them and let others have the “what ifs.”

I’d rather keep defining my existence by “Hey, let’s try this next.” It’s a lonely life, but generally never a boring one.

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