IKEA Boy and I are planning to do a remake of the “Die Another Day” movie — starring IKEA Boy as James Bond, his boss (who looks like Janet Reno) as Bondgirl Pussy Demure, his dog Jynx as, well, himself (Jynxie would look adorable in a bikini, despite the fact that he would be eating his beach towel), Jackie as Odd Job (our nemesis) — and a special appearance by J-HO as she sings the theme song to our film, “Die this Instant.” 🙂

There is a distinct possibility that I will see Greg this weekend. I hope he turns out to be a good guy — I’m sick of these bozos who think they can jerk me around, hurt me and piss me off. The question is whether they intend to act like dumbasses or if it just comes naturally. …

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