How you frustrate me, you blank Word document, silently taunting me for my inability to just choose a coherent starting point for my madness. I have thousands upon thousands of thoughts and images and shapes and patterns in my head, and do you THINK I can string them together into something resembling anything?

I have hundreds of typed pages of notes, and hundreds more that are handwritten. My book series is begging to be written. All it needs is the first fucking paragraph of the first book, and the rest, as they say, shall follow.

As a newswriter by trade, I know that once the lead graf is written, everything else will systematically follow. When you don’t have a strong lead, the story never feels quite right. And I need a strong lead, because if I don’t hook readers during the first book, nobody’s going to want to read the remaining six in the series.

I did make some good notes today. But then I learned that my blog has fallen into enemy hands (of the Veggie sort), and that pretty much killed my inspiration for the day.

But I have enjoyed my four-day weekend. I needed this. 🙂

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