Better than cheese

Well, I can’t imagine anything that’s better than cheese, but I’m referring to that hideous little nightmare called “Who Moved My Cheese,” that HRP made us read, live and breathe at Two Strikes. I’m a scurrier — yes, I agree with that — and she argued that I’m part hem, which, given her miserable, obstinate ass, she has a fat lot of room to talk. Hah.

At any rate, Shan is into this “One Minute Millionaire” book big-time, and she asked me to take their quiz about my place on the Dream Team that we want to create. I’m a hare, and I sound so damn nifty:

Your Answers Indicate A Hare Role

APPROACH: Conceptual/Spontaneous

DESCRIPTION: The Hare generates the concepts and ideas. They like to reframe the problem and look for solutions that may be unusual, unique,and/or outside the boundaries of traditional thought. Hares are good at exploring alternatives and perceiving the “big picture.”

Hares want freedom from constraint, and when a rule exists they may break it. They may act impulsively, letting their feelings guide them. They derive satisfaction from the process of creating,discussing concepts and ideas,and overcoming obstacles.

When everything is in its place, the Hare may become restless,get impatient,and have a tendency to move from one subject to another.

CONTRIBUTION: Fresh,original concepts that go beyond the obvious, and are not constrained by fear of failure.

WEAKNESESS: Because the Hare enjoys generating ideas, they may move from one idea to another without stopping to evaluate the consequences.

If left alone to refine concepts, they will solve the problem within the problem within the problem, and eventually lose sight of the objective.

INSTINCT: Reframing problems to achieve breakthrough solutions,moving in new directions, examining possibilities without regard to risk.

Shan’s a hare, too. Whatta shocker. 🙂 Hell, I’d rather be the hare than be the green animal in its shell, lying flat on its back, waiting for its next dose of Prozac. Like everyone else in this damn office. … At any rate, I’m ready to make the million that this book promises that I can!!!

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