Be positive. Damn it.

Subtitle: Salvation by sticky note

I have survived this far in life by virtue of the sticky note. Whether in its fine neon pinks, purples or blues, or whether it’s the simple white notes that are formed into thought balloons (one of which contains the title of this entry), my blood pressure would be triple what it is without their fortune-cookie-like wisdom.

I find notes from time to time. I’ve even written about them on this site. But there are many more that never see the light of day. Sometimes I throw them away, other times I archive them by tossing them “somewhere” and forgetting about their existence. But no matter. It’s what I write down in a passionate moment that keeps me sane.

I have two notes that I refer to at least daily, oftentimes more, that aren’t in an obvious place. Mostly because I have them memorized. Also because others might want a backstory/explanation. And those are not up for consideration. Even if they’re as lighthearted as this entry title — something spurred their creation. Sometimes they’re the light I shine from a dark place to bring me to the other side of it.

This is something I’ve done for years, and while I might seem like I talk a lot sometimes, there’s always proof of the undercurrent of what I’m not necessarily saying. I think we all have some sort of mantra (or many of them) that is the equivalent of “Serenity Now” (although I can’t think of that phrase in a non-“George Costanza” way. LOL).

What do you tell yourself when you need to get through “One of Those Days/Weeks/Moments/Decades”?

3 Responses to Be positive. Damn it.

  1. Sabre :

    I have a co-worker who comes into my office daily, several times a day, with a bright smile on her face, and she stares at me, hands on hips, and says “Cut that out, think of how good things are going to be when this is all over!” Love her to death, but sometimes I’d like to jab her in the eyeballs and tell her that once she gets used to the blindness, things will look much better 😉

    God, that’s awful. I adore her, she’s a good friend, but sunshine buttercup when I’m moody just doesn’t work. So I got nothing for you, except to say that she’s right. Things are going to get better. I just wish she wouldn’t smile so darn much!

  2. chris :

    When i am down, i do find strength in my faith.

    Thus, I give to you Phillipians 4:13:

    “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me”.

    I say that before every “vital” situation, including the 11 interviews/open houses/job fairs I have been on in the past 2 weeks. It does calm me down.

    It could be looked upon as cheesy, but i do become much calmer and focused.

  3. The Goddess :

    Sabre — too much happy at work is suspicious. 😉 If we act too thrilled, they’re gonna want to pay us less or make it hurt more! LOL

    Chris — your time is coming. I appreciate your spunk no matter what happens. God will provide — there’s an IOU with your name on it. Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like the check’s stuck in the mail. 🙂