Offices are open today. Humbug. I was looking forward to a day off or, at least, a nice delay. 🙂

My computer at work started ringing the death bell yesterday. One of the fans went bad. My designer cracked open that G4 and replaced it, circumventing the “do not open” message on the power supply. If we had to send that box to Apple, I would’ve been without a computer for at least a week (not to mention whatever it would cost), but within the space of two hours, my computer was as good as new again. 🙂

I looked into upgrading my computer at home, but it’s too old to support Panther. Maybe if I get a few bucks, I’ll just buy System 9 and upgrade the memory. But I am hoping that the feds don’t seize my tax return to pay for my defaulted student loan, because I will get just enough money back to buy an iBook, and I’d love to have one. I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing with computers, though. I mean, what hardware do I need? I expect to get an Airport card, but what’s all this with routers and ports and WiFi and what not? Am I the only Mac user in the world without a clue on these things?

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