Bad liar

One thing I should never, ever do in my life is lie. And I normally don’t, but I told someone at work a whopper while I was holding evidence to the contrary in my hand. *lol*

I spent Friday afternoon by going to the AMC and watching “The Butterfly Effect” (which was actually very good and Ashton Kutcher didn’t annoy me too much — he was kind of hot, if I dare say so myself). Then I went to the print shop for a few hours and, finally, because it was around 6 p.m., I went into work to approve some invoices and check my messages.

Of course I run into the one person with whom I am continually annoyed because instead of doing the work I give him, he likes to lounge and chat and say how time-consuming my project is. He’s NEVER there that late. Leave it to me to pull my keys to my office out of my pocket, only for my ticket stub to hit the floor. He said, “At the movies?” And I said, “No. I wore these jeans before and didn’t wash them.” Lie. He said, “Umm hmm.” It was only when I sat down at my desk that I realized that the big cup of Diet Coke that I’d brought in from the movie theater did not have the Coke logo on it, but rather the big AMC logo emblazoned across it. Duh! Bad, bad liar. Oh well. I got a really good laugh out of it!

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