April 1 = ‘Easter for assholes’

My day started off with laughter at Tom’s Tweet that “April Fools’ Day is like Easter for assholes,” and if THAT didn’t prove itself a dozen times over, I don’t know what else to say about the day.

I left work on time today — April Fools’! Ha. Actually I did sneak out prior to daylight drawing to a close, so for once the joke wasn’t on me.

Things I learned today:

1. Canada Dry sparkling green tea ginger ale does not completely suck, although it takes a while to get used to drinking fizzy iced tea.

2. The USB-powered desktop fundue set is simply an April Fools’ joke, but after spending Easter at the Melting Pot, I would totally buy one of these things for my desk.

3. When trapped in a boring meeting to which I have nothing to contribute, I can conjure up some pretty salacious visions to keep myself awake and occupied. *blush*

Other things I learned today:

In continuing my meanderings on what would I do with 30 days to live, today I find myself (theoretically) with 29 left and, damn, it would suck balls to have lost a whole day spending it the way this one went. 😉

Today’s ramblings are inspired by planning to eliminate a terminal case of the “Somedays.” For all of us who put our dreams on hold for when we’re better off financially, when we’ve lost X number of pounds, when we’ve put the kids in school or when we’ve washed that man right outta our hair … are we foregoing some level of happiness in the here and now until (insert event) occurs? And what if it doesn’t or, as we know, it takes longer than anticipated to come to fruition?

I made a list of all the things I’ve back-burnered till I got my career on track. Which happened almost two years ago when I was promoted to my own personal level of incompetence. But in order to remain competitive, I admit to giving up on things like cooking, cleaning (sigh), spending time with friends, dating actively and picking up the phone and seeing who’s available to raise some hell. A girl needs her beauty sleep, y’know?

Don’t get me wrong — I still do all of the above and then some, but not enough. Not with any amount of regularity or without emotions bordering sometimes on obligation. Yadda yadda gotta stay on the horse/use it or lose it blah blah cakes.

And not that I am forcing myself on anyone or feeling like I HAVE to see them. But more along the lines of, “I really do still care and will thus pull my turtle ass out of this turtle shell once in a while” and “No I really don’t want to see that movie or go to that restaurant but I’m craving social contact so much that I will suck it up because I miss my friend/want to go on this date/I can do what I want on my own time anyway.”

That sounds like more of a pity party (favors, anyone? I’m partial to the kazoo myself) than it is. But don’t feel sorry for me — I may not cook anymore, but to quote Barbra Streisand in “The Prince of Tides” (*swoon* — awesome movie. my favorite, even), “I may not know how to cook, but I know how to eat!”

Anyway, the point is, I always find myself waiting till I have more money to plan a trip (because, you know, cash does help). I keep waiting “till things calm down” to go to the gym. I anticipate finding the right outfit before I actively want to go out to meet someone for a drink. I keep waiting for a little health issue to pass before I feel like I can let a day go by without being preoccupied with it. I keep waiting for a particular miracle to happen before, well, my blood pressure can return to normal. I keep waiting for a day when I wake up looking PERFECT so I can go get that damn passport photo taken already. 😉

And really, what am I doing to enjoy/pursue the smaller pleasures in the interim that will ensure I’m healthy and ready for all those big “someday” things? And is it all enough?

Do we feel undeserving? Is that it? I know I’m not the only one with the “Someday Syndrome.” What keeps you from achieving greatness or at least enjoying the goodness that may be easier/quicker to reach?

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