Rejected title: Three to six inches coming tonight. And it’s only rain.

Well, looks as though armageddon is drawing near. Signs are posted throughout my apartment complex for us to clear off our decks and balconies, and we’ve been urged to remove any satellite television systems, if applicable.

I only felt the effects of one hurricane before — Floyd — back in 1999. It rained like a mofo and my entire wall-o-kitchen-windows blew in. I came in the house absolutely soaked (umbrellas were worthless in those winds), and I was terrified because I couldn’t find Maddie for three hours. I worried that she had jumped out the hole in my kitchen wall, but she had smartly blended herself into a hamper in my closet until the storm had passed.

At any rate, I have a wall of windows in my living/dining area now, but I’m more worried that I parked my car under a tree. I’m supposed to see Bryan today to get the Short Bus cat back for a day or two, but maybe I can wiggle out of it. 😉 Or maybe I can let her out in the hurricane. Heh. That might be fun. 😉

Shawn and I took an adventure voyage to Wallyworld last night to stock up on necessities. I couldn’t find a flashlight to save my life (Bryan said not to burn candles, in case of a gas leak), but I saw some in the toy aisle that were shaped like lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) and appropriately roared or squeaked or oinked or mooed. I loved them, but Shawn wouldn’t let me get one without the promise of humiliating me for it. 😉

We stopped by the new Macaroni Grill at Kingstowne for dinner. Oh. My. God. Yum. I had Pork Chops Emilia, and I’m not a pork chops fan, but I could have ridden those straight up the Beltway, they were so good. We tried a wine sampler, which blended very well with my Percocet. 🙂 The tiramisu sucked, as it was caked in a cocoa powder fiesta that made me sneeze, but all in all, it was lovely to go out for dinner and not munch at the fridge door on whatever’s handy.

It’s windy as all hell here this morning. Shawn graciously brought my grill and balcony furniture inside last night, so I don’t have to worry about it blowing away. I’m expecting three to six inches tonight … and it’s only rain. *damn*

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