Another secret

Not quite so juicy as yesterday’s. (Huh uh huh huh huh, she said “juicy.”) But something to chew on.

Remember the guy I mentioned with the dog? He also owns a 60″ Plasma TV. And bragged about it religiously. A la the questions “Carrie” used to ask at the beginning of each episode of “Sex and the City,” I have to ask: “Have big-screen TVs replaced the little red sportscars of decades past?”

Granted, I dated a guy with a red sports car who wasn’t compensating for anything other than a lack of brains. But whenever I see someone in a penis car, I immediately assume that they’re screaming, “Look at my car, not at my dick!” But these days, I hear from way too many guys about how big their televisions are — something tells me that the bigger the screen, the smaller the ween. Just a thought.

And if you want to know about the guy with the 60″ TV, let’s just say that either I’ve got a cavernous pussy (thanks to Shawn for the phrase!) or he buys the KY Jelly special with a free gift of tweezers.

On that note, let’s hear some “Short Dick Man”!

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