Another Monday in retrograde

Watching Kitty Porn

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Ah, my very first photo with my new iPhone 4 that I had to buy because my 3GS decided to DIE while I was in the Keys this past weekend. I was waiting till the iPhone 5 came out to buy that.

Oh, hell, who am I kidding — I was saving up for something else and then this magical expenditure had to take place. Fun!

I think I need to recuse myself from one of my freelance assignments. Well, I still want to meet a rich man who will let me stop working altogether. But failing that right now, I have this high-pressure gig that doesn’t require a lot of hours BUT it means being 1,000% on the ball.

And yeah, I’ve been making some mistakes lately. All honest ones, and certainly way fewer than the ones I CATCH. But I can’t take the pressure anymore. I really can’t. I like my rent being paid and all and that’s why I’ve hung in there as long as I have. But at what cost? I already don’t leave my house for fear of being needed for a fast-turnaround assignment. And I save everybody a lot of embarrassment. But when I miss something, the stakes are too high. And God really didn’t put me on this earth to feel like crap all the time. I had enough of that in my office days!

One of my old male acquaintances from my D.C. days is in Key West right now. A part of me wants to run right back and rejoin the party. But when I do, I ain’t returning. I can promise you that.

Well, I guess I have to go figure out how to clean up THIS mess since I made it. Yay me.

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