Another day in paradise

I had a great story interview this morning, and as soon as that was over, the Veggie Patch president dropped by to meet with me, which was very productive. Then, one of our past presidents (from decades ago), with whom I’ve had a terrific telephone relationship, came to visit with me. We had a fabulous discussion about all kinds of stuff — we are both visionaries, and we feed off of each other. Then, when I went to grab coffee, and I ran into another former president, one whom I’d interviewed on the phone a few months back. He was another charmer, and I just reveled in the energy and deep concern for practitioners in our field. Those are the kinds of people who keep me schlepping my miserable ass back to the Veggie Patch every day — those are the people who are grateful for my time and attention and willingness to provide a good service.

I have more swriling around that I can’t talk about here, so I have to go retreat into my already-cluttered head to figure it out. 🙂 Posting will be light for awhile.

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