An eye for an eye

Well, I’m glad John Muhammad was found guilty of capital murder charges under Virginia’s anti-terrorism act, after his little sniper spree last year. But now the question remains whether he gets life in prison or death by lethal injection.

I’m sure you’ve all heard it from me before — I want to put him and Malvo into a fenced-off forest, and I want FBI sharpshooters in training to be outside of the fences, randomly shooting at them, so they never know when they’re going to die. In fact, I want the sharpshooters to only shoot to wound them at first — draw a lil blood from a finger here, just graze a shoulder there. Then go for the aorta. I want them to feel half as much fear as everyone in this area felt once they hit town.

A lifetime in jail at my expense is too fucking much. I pay a hell of a lot in property taxes and real estate costs — I don’t want another dime of it to go toward keeping these idiots alive and well in my state.

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