An end is in sight

Well, so we’re behind at work. No shocker there. But I like Mac Guy. I think he got blazed before he came in yesterday — but that’s just MHO. And I certainly couldn’t blame him, if so.

But I am going to roll in late today (to compensate for all the extra time). It’s 8:15 and I have yet to scrub my butt. I just nuked the house with Clorox Spray, as the roomie has typhoid or Norwalk or something and I do NOT want to get it.

Last night, I was a bad Mommy and fed Maddie some banana pudding from Popeye’s, and the brat bounced off the walls all night from her sugar rush.

But the work will get done, and for that, I am grateful. I pissed off Demure yesterday by telling her that until we figure out the hiring situation, I refuse to kill myself doing two full-time jobs next month. She was kind of irritated. Oh well. I get irritated that every time I’m on the phone, she plants herself in my doorway and stares at me until I end the call. Usually, it’s only a personal call to Shan anyway, but still, I don’t stare at her — of course, that would probably burn my eyes out of their sockets, as she is part of the Evil Veggie Patch Empire that must be destroyed. Queen Quaalude, anyone, to marry King Kumquat at the Veggie Patch Playset?

Temple left me a note recently to ask if I could do a cast/plot synopsis. lol. Where would I begin? Let me think about how to work that one. 🙂

At any rate, hopefully everyone will be out of my hair today so that Mac Guy can finish the layout. And I have last-minute interviews coming today, believe it or not — deadline was last Thursday. Demure said our deadlines are set too late every month, and I said, no — deadlines are fine, but our members have this ridiculous sense of entitlement — it’s their paper, and deadlines and consequences don’t apply. I told her she is welcome to convey to them that my world DOESN’T revolve around their schedules and that deadlines AREN’T cotton-candy parameters that melt at will.

Bleah. I don’t think we have agreed on one single thing yet. Oh, wait — we do agree on one thing — the fact that I do not have a future there. My reason to stay is Shan, and I hope to god that we can run, not walk, out together … soon!

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