Almost paradise

Balcony view…aaah

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I took the day off yesterday to go look at a new apartment. Sure, I’ve only been in this one for a little over three months and it would cost a fortune to break the lease. But when my friend said I had to see the view, day-um she wasn’t kidding!

The rent is $200 more a month for a more-prestigious ZIP code. AND a wraparound balcony.

The downside is having to bring the over-extended houseguest along … I can’t believe I’d have to drag her ass with me to a THIRD apartment. (*suppressing murderous rage*) Plus I’d have to give her the master bedroom and its GORGEOUS Roman tub because princess won’t take showers. (There’s a small shower in the guest room.)

The benefit of the guest room is that it’s floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides, as it’s on the corner of the unit. (Hence the wraparound porch.) I couldn’t fit shit for furniture in there but seriously, me + bed + small TV = waking up to sunshine and Intracoastal Waterway views plus a beach view if I walk outside? WIN.

I haven’t made a decision yet about this move. Lord knows I don’t have enough free time to duck into a restroom before scratching my butt in public, so packing and whatnot? After relocating only in March? Is SO not appealing right now.

Less appealing, again, is dragging the OEH along. I was actually looking at getting matching studio apartments, but why should I live in a $900 closet just to get away from her? (I’m not saying it wouldn’t be worth it — I just wouldn’t have this view!)

We hung out at the pool all day yesterday and surprisingly, I only acquired some freckles. God bless SPF 70, is all I’m saying. Well, also bless red wine, HUGE oysters (and dozens of them), ceviche and the company of new friends.

It’s just been so long since I’ve had anybody to talk to, I feel like I bitched my friend’s ear off. She gave me the advice I didn’t want to hear — take some time and get the OEH a job because she’ll be living with me for the next 20 years if I don’t get off my ass and do it myself. (I almost did a swan-dive off the fourth-floor balcony into the Intracoastal after she said that.)

She’s right, though. I can ignore the pest till the exterminators come to take her away, but she ain’t goin’ NOWHERE on her own. And clearly she doesn’t care that I’ve been at the end of my mental tightrope since a month after she moved in (although it can be argued I’ve been at my wits’ end since about 2001).

Speaking of wits’ end, I had to make an emergency Tar-zhay run today. Like, “Oh shit, gotta run NOW,” and I went out in my unshowered, stank-ass glory. Whereupon I got a text message immediately, “Would it have KILLED you to invite me?” from the OEH.

The REAL reason why I don’t want to take this gorgeous new condo on the water? Because with an ugly view, the OEH doesn’t leave the house on her own now. If all we saw for miles was beauty, she’d have even less incentive to go out on her own. (If that were at all possible.) And I just can’t have that, yo.

I love my apartment itself but I won’t love anywhere that isn’t MINE … ALL MINE.

The unit next-door to my friend was available when I agreed to see it but the manager said that someone just put money on it. Assuming they’re approved, I’d have to wait in line for the next similar unit to open up.

So my deal with myself is this: If and when a comparable unit opens up, I will re-evaluate. Meaning, I don’t want any other unit than the one with this view. So I won’t be making any sudden moves.

And if something else opens up in my price range, closer to my lease expiration, even better. And please God PLEASE let the OEH get a job before my next abode is the state penitentiary. …

One Lonely Response to Almost paradise

  1. Lachlan :

    “She gave me the advice I didn’t want to hear — take some time and get the OEH a job because she’ll be living with me for the next 20 years if I don’t get off my ass and do it myself.”

    She’s right. There, I said it. Had to. I’m kinda living with the same issue- my aunt is your OEH, incarnate. My Mom, the opposite. But I live in fear of the aunt coming here and trying to be an OEH. More developing on that front.

    But back to you. Friend’s right- you HAVE to get her out of there, and the longer you wait the harder it will be.