Almost over

This day just can’t end quickly enough. 45 more minutes, and a new day will arrive. Thank god.

I awoke with a start this morning. On the radio, there was a report that Mikey’s building was set on fire for a third time. I called Shawn in my morning haze but didn’t find out till 10 hours later that Mikey was OK. I’d heard a man was injured and never found out who, so I was on edge today about that. Tiff and I decided that Maddie must be setting the blazes, because that’s where her new little sister is living until we move (and, if you read Maddie’s blog, she doesn’t want a new sister. At all. 🙂 (Yes, I joke my way through crises. It’s my only tried-and-true coping method.)

That’s just scary. Granted, absolutely everyone I know had a bad day today, but this arson business needs to stop. Now. Supposedly, a man soaked in gasoline from the blaze went to the hospital and will be questioned. Marina View Towers is like a college dormitory, and even with newly added security, the fires are still happening. The residents need to get together and either move out en masse or just form a tenants’ association and demand that the apartments be raided, as it’s obviously a tenant doing this shit.

We’re hoping Scott is done recovering from his mysterious illness and can start recovering from his hospital stay, although his buddy Doug courteously provided some thoughtful blogging in his absence. My hits from Scott’s workplace continue to rise, letting me know that his colleagues are graciously sending me some hits in his honor. So in Scott’s honor, I shall send a spitball toward West Virginia and Texas while watching “Golden Girls” and “Family Guy.” Get better soon, old chap, and be sure to post stories about your stay in the Pediatrics/Young Adults wing!!!

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