Aim low, sweet chariot

8 p.m. Still at work. Watched the town Christmas tree lighting ceremony from our balcony. Wishing I were frolicking among the crowd instead of working.

Worked the weekend and I’m still in a crisis state. Just did all I could and am waiting on the kid.

I yelled at him yesterday. He asked if he should do something. I said no because it would fuck up our e-commerce.

He did it anyway. I’m talking boneheaded mistake. I raged. Like asked on what planet he thought that would be a good idea. That I needed to hear that answer.

I didn’t think he’d come back today. I may have been hopeful about that.

It’s better today. He tries. Nobody tries harder. I just don’t get why repetition doesn’t work.

I leave for my “vacation” on this day next week. I am disappointed that he can’t cover me. But maybe I’ll have time for a glass of wine with my favorite person and that will justify the trip.

Ok I hope more than a glass of wine is all I get to enjoy. But aiming high didn’t get me anywhere.


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