I have to finish wringing out my panties, after two and a half hours with Jon Bon Jovi. * drool* Twenty-four rows back from my sweetie — close enough to see his tight jeans and everything that’s in them. Mmmm mmmm. I am in for some erotic dreams tonight!!! 😉

I’ve had these tickets for almost five months. When I got my promotion, Shan had advised me to do something big — something that symbolized the good that could come out of all the hard work. This, my friends, was it. I debated selling them to attend to other things, but Shan threatened physical harm on me if she would have seen my tix on E-Bay. Thank goodness she talked me out of it — I had an amazing time!

And Shawn was a trooper, even as we careened backward into the 1980s. Heh. You should have seen some of the people in the crowd — I wanted to ask them if their houses have wheels. 🙂 And it was neat to see all the moms and daughters (my mom was supposed to go, but she didn’t want to make the drive down here from Pittsburgh) — more of the mothers than the daughters were singing and dancing and on their feet going apeshit over Jon’s cute lil smiles and ass shakes. *happy sigh*

The first half of the set was acoustic — the band is probably trying to get together another live album — and it was terrific. They did “Never Say Goodbye” and “Something to Believe In” and a great slow version of “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead,” which they reprised at the end in its usual uptempo mode. They closed with “Shout,” which I’ve seen them do three times, but hell, it still rocked. I didn’t recognize the opening song of the show, something about faith, but it was great and I certainly hope that, if there is a live album from this, I’ll hear it again.

I liked the Goo Goo Dolls’ opening set, but I was pretty much blazed and don’t remember a whole lot of it. But at least I wasn’t half as baked as I was last night, when we each had a quarter-pan of “extra-special” brownies, went to a party and went to Wet to see naked boys. We only had an eighth of a pan of brownies tonight, and we were much more coherent. 🙂 At any rate, Goo Goo Dolls played “Black Balloon” and all of their other hits (including Shawn’s favorite, “Iris” — LOL), and I’m glad Bon Jovi had a tolerable opening act this year (last year, Less than Jake opened their Pittsburgh show. Very annoying indeed.)

Blah. I’m goin’ to bed … but first, there’s something I must attend to. I’m feelin’ kind of, uh, handy tonight, if ya know what I mean. … 🙂

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