A new week … and possibly a new apartment

Today at lunch, I went to the apartment complex where I want to live. I even saw the building and the location where my apartment *would* be. (Note the whole credit check process is pending right now — I’ll have an answer in three days. Tension!)

I couldn’t see inside the place ’cause the tenants will be there till July 15. But assuming all goes well, it’s mine on Aug. 1. So, that means I have to pay rent till at least Aug. 15 on the other place, so it will be another impoverished summer on my part. Goody.

But I feel kind of good. The apartment is the right size and shape; the price is a bit much (per my Pittsburgh standards) but it’s as cheap as I will find in Alexandria. I will live on Seminary Road, which is an area I’ve always liked. The place has a pool (which I will never use) and a car wash area (which I will definitely take advantage of!). The central a/c and dishwasher and balcony are probably what helped me to make the decision, aside from the fact that I don’t have to pay a cat deposit or pet rent.

The gal who helped me today actually lives in the building I would occupy, so at least that means if the neighbors get unruly, she’ll kick some ass. On the other hand, supposing I meet a great man who fucks me senseless and has me screaming in tongues, that might be held against me at a later date. 😉

In 72 hours, I’ll have my answer as to whether my credit was too hideous or just-short-of-hideous. I’m sure it will all turn out OK, but this waiting time just blows in general. Wish me some luck! Goodness knows I’m overdue for good luck these days. 😉

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