A day in the life

Diet sucks. I’ve been sticking to it, but I think I am actually above my original weight. Bought a scale last night that works, and I don’t like the number I’m seeing. I think it must be broken. Perhaps it will work better if I stand on it on one leg, with the other leg on the floor. 😉

Work blows. In case I have never made that clear. LOL. We’re in dire financial straits; six layoffs and a general malaise and frustration among the management. I’m waiting for them to let the useless people go, but I may never live to see that. McManagement meeting this afternoon … I’ll be curious to hear WTF is going on. I vote that we throw Solitaire, Mouth Almighty, Town Crier and Busybody off the island next. 🙂

Payday isn’t till Monday. I’m broke till then. Was hoping for a Friday pay so I can go put a security deposit on a new apartment — I want to get the rent special before it expires. Hope they will take it Monday. I have too much going on right now to continue searching for homes … my property taxes are due in July, my car/renter’s insurance starts back up in August, etc.

My current apartment management came in yesterday and fixed the list of stuff I’d asked them to fix. Things are working fine, but I hate how maintenance people leave your house a fucking mess after they leave. Um, excuse me, it was tidy when you got there. Do I have “maid service” tattooed on my ass? They totally trashed the house the last time they worked on it, too.

I’m feeling kind of bland today. I’m very much behind in my stories, and Cruise Director just assigned two to me, between yesterday and today. Um, deadline is Thursday, and I won’t crank out more than two stories, tops, this week. Oh well. They want a smaller, crapper paper? They’re getting it.

Everybody wish Tiff a great last day of work! I was going to work late, but fuck it, I’m joining the celebration at Jay’s Saloon & Grille in Clarendon. Save me a burger, guys! I’ll get there eventually. Readers, join the party if you’re so inclined!

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