A Crayola box of idiocy

Yes, you can tell I’m at work, with a title like that! 😉

Okay, so they sponsored training on our new, shitty photocopiers today. I was not asked to join, so I am cool with that. But poor Shan got roped into it, and she came back with pages of notes on the complete idiocy of our colleages who couldn’t find the big green print button. But it gets worse. I have been begging these yahoos for months about either getting a new printer or figuring out how to set up my machine to print to a photocopier … and wouldn’t you know, they set up the new copiers so that only the Windows users can print tabloid size? I am the only asshole in the entire organization who prints tabloid-size documents, but they didn’t want to spend the extra dime to get the Mac software to enable me to stop dealing with my tired printer that jams everytime I print my paper out to proof it. Ergh. Shan kind of made a fuss about it with Demure, who wiggled her lips and looked stressed out.

Speaking of wiggling, I’m trying to get out of meeting with Demure tomorrow. I have no idea what’s going into the paper this month, and I don’t want to meet — let me just be blunt about it. Meetings work for her; they do NOT work for me. I don’t understand why I have to sit in so many meetings. I have to go into a benefits meeting tomorrow, too — looks pretty grim, whatever’s going on, as Frosty is taking us into small groups to discuss whatever change is looming. I am pretty pissed that my co-pay on a small prescription of Percocet was $40 — lord only knows how much worse it’s gonna get.

Anywho, I am so pleased to randomly bitch. I have been busy interior decorating here, so it’s just a wasted day in general. Then again, how can any day spent here at Club Medicated NOT be considered a waste? 😉

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