9 months

Respect it, yo

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Seeing as though I’ve been unemployed for a full week now, I’ve had nothing but time on my hands to think. Which is dangerous.

I wish my bleeding-heart Socialist ways would pay off already and let me relax a little bit about my next career move. “Eat, Pray, Love” had it right — the Europeans know not to revolve their lives around a career, so that all is not lost if it disappears. Imagine, living to LIVE, and not working to live. Impossible!

I’m not saying I don’t want a job — I really do! — but I’m not going to find the right one TODAY. There are plenty of openings out there. Lots of freelance opportunities, too. (Thank God.) I’m so afraid to say “yes” right now when I may want to say “yes, please!” the moment I commit to something. But I guess it’s better than waiting and having nothing at all.

Sigh. Decisions, decisions. My gut says to wait. I don’t know. I keep ripping apart my resume and finding reasons to delay sending it to the people who requested it. Bad Goddess, I know.

And it irks me that I have to pass off a resume with nine months at a job and still try to have a straight face when I have to talk about what an awesome leader I am. How can I quantify that when all I have to show for it is the door hitting my ample ass?

I took a nice walk around the island this afternoon. Got a little bit of sun. It felt wonderful. I had to get out of the house before I killed one of us. And there are a thousand things I need to do — cleaning, unpacking (yeah, still) and getting mom health care. I guess God forced me to take this break so I could attend to these matters now, since I’ve so happily ignored them for a very long time.

Speaking of things I’ve happily ignored: the U.S. stock markets. I’ve been focused so much on offshore opportunities that I feel like I’ve forgotten how to write about domestic assets. And that’s what I’ve been missing for so long — but is it possible that I’ve acquired financial amnesia in a timespan the length of the average pregnancy? Feels like it.

I’ve been working on my new year’s resolutions, speaking of pregnancy. (Er, NOT getting knocked up, thanks.) I think that’s my next post. Just like my achievements on my resume, I’m trying to make my goals quantifiable this time around. Anything to make sure that this year doesn’t end up as screwily as the last. …

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