So I came back to watching “American Idol.” I missed it last night, but I’m tuning into the results show. And AGAIN, Latoya and Ghetto FabulousFantasia are in the bottom two.

And Jasmine stays.

What the fuck?

Look, Jasmine does her best. She is, though, simply not THE best.

I’m glad Diana’s sticking around another week. She rocked socks last night, just from what I heard of the highlights.

I’m with Randy — this is now twice that the votes simply do not reflect the talent. Even Jasmine looks stunned that she’s staying.

And didn’t Fantasia wear that shirt last night? Oh, yeah, nice birth control patch — it caught the spotlight quite well. Ghetto broad. And what was UP with those horrid blue sneakers?

Stay tuned. I’m certain I will update this in five minutes. …


Are you people out of your MINDS?!?! Latoya goes? This is So. Freaking. Wrong!!!

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