My ass hurts. And I want to go home.

I like my job, but I think what I like about it is that I can pretty much perform it on autopilot. It’s nights like tonight, when I have to pull together the interviews and make a coherent story out of them, that I get stressed. Hell, I’d rather be at the gym! Crikey!!! (p.s., had a good hour at the gym last nite, although I almost fell off the treadmill. I lose my bearings way too easily!)

I keep seeing RK online. And yet I refrain from acknowledging him. Today I found myself really thinking about him. It’s been a month since our date, so any man who lets that much time go by HAS to not be interested, right? But guys work so painfully slowly … it could be sometime next year before he gets off his ass and realizes the wonderful relationship he missed out on! 😉

Got to thinking about “Stop Getting Dumped” . Lisa Daily made a brilliant statement that affirmed me: she said that eventually, if you’ve played the game correctly, you become “the one who got away” to him, and you’re the one he will remember fondly.

And while that statement charmed me to death, it kinda got me to thinking. Sure, that’s sweet, to be somebody’s wet dream, but it’s so sad how we let really good people walk away from us sometimes. I don’t have those regrets … I try like hell to “keep” the good ones, but the guys I’ve dated haven’t been so smart (obviously, ‘cuz I’m not with them now!). I know of at least three men who would take me back in a heartbeat, and I suspect two or three more who are too proud to admit that they made a mistake in watching me walk away — if they’ve even realized it yet. Will RK become one of them?

And why do I keep thinking about him? Damn it, I need somebody good to answer my personal ad!!! Perhaps I should remove my photos?

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