Hated sight of self on Web site mentioned below (not listing link due to not wanting to expose world to pic). On top of it all, feeling like a stuffed enchilada in outfit that used to be loose on me. So, instead of continuing to feel like I should be lying on a plate in a Mexican restaurant instead of sitting in a chair, I decided to join gym with SM. Haven’t done it yet, but because the decision has been made, well, that’s half the battle.

SM asked what time of day workouts should occur, once I secure my membership. Here was my response, after hearing why she wants to get into the groove of working out:

1. Mornings are just no good. I am cranky and generally do not want to be near people, especially those who are skinny and perfect. 🙂

2. Lunch hours are OK but being all sweaty won’t work here … our luck the a/c would be malfunctioning when we came back! (note to readers, you either need a swimsuit or a parka on any given day. 420 keeps a winter coat in his closet year-round and has worn it at least once this month!)

3. Weekends are good. I need a reason to drag my lazy arse out of bed!

4. I would also like guys chasing me down, and if I’m in shape, I can at least outrun the scary ones!!! 😉

I’m so funny. But I WOULD love to fit into all the scandalous underwear I own! And I don’t wanna diet … already gave up smoking last month … I sure as hell don’t intend to give up everything I love!!!

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