Mmm. … Joni Mitchell.

Purchased the remaster of “Miles of Aisles” by Joni Mitchell yesterday. “Case of You” was the main reason I bought it. The only thing that could’ve made the album perfect would have been to have “River” on it. But I have enough cover versions of that song to last me a lifetime, so I’ll live. 🙂

SM and I had a blast last night. Skipped the FedEx Field experience and instead went down to Pentagon Row to Champps , where we proceeded to rant for hours that passed like mere minutes. She reminds me so much of Accounting Dawn … someone I miss terribly … so I am pleased to have someone like SM in my day-to-day life who can share the global perspective that I unwittingly find myself acquiring every day.

The Importance of Locking One’s Door:

I lock all my doors. Religiously. Obsessively. And I check them compulsively, at least three times. And thanks to a weird situation yesterday, I will continue to do so. What happened: I was fresh out of the shower, hair straight and an unusual application of acne medication on my problem spots (usually I wear makeup 23 hours a day; it’s strange to have a clean face and some OTC product covering the blemishes that I thought I’d have lost by age 14). At any rate, I was outside in a tank top (:::eek:::), attempting to rub the scratches out of Samantha Jones and preparing to do windows and the interior, when some guy pulled in next to me. I paid him little mind (I never see anyone here and don’t see any real need to befriend the neighbors, as most don’t even speak English). He said hi, and I returned it. He went into my building briefly and popped right back out, and I was startled when I heard him comment on how good my car looks.

Name is Paul, is probably in his late 40s/early 50s. And as I learned, lives in the apartment next door.

I was conscious of my very LOW-cut shirt, and the white cream that was splotched all over my face, which was slowly being eroded by perspiration in the 97-degree heat. I attempted to cover both, but it was kinda pointless, because I didn’t really give a shit what he thought of me. Long story short, before he walked away, he invited me to come over for a “cold drink” after I finished my work on the car.

So, that episode was forgotten till, at 9:20 p.m., I was flying out the door to meet SM on the corner (yeah, I found me a new corner in this city! It’s still a buck-a-fuck, but I’ve only found one taker so far! hee hee), when I practically ran right into him. He said he had knocked (bullshit; Lab Rat and I had been home for 15 minutes at that point, and we didn’t hear anything); personally, I think he was standing there, trying to get up the nerve to knock.

I was flustered; made a quick and frankly, botched, introduction between him and Lab Rat. I asked what he wanted, and he said he had come over to invite me over for a drink. (Jesus H). I told him I was literally out the door to meet someone and to catch me another time. I don’t remember thanking him for the offer; I’m almost sure I did. All I can say is that I am so glad the door was locked; what if he’s a nut and wants to come in, whenever he feels like it? Ugh. Bad imagery. Just bad.

Talked with Lab Rat briefly while I waited at the curb for SM; I wondered if he were simply being neighborly or if he wanted a Building 6369 concubine. For the fact that he should have INCLUDED Lab Rat in the invitation for a drink but DID NOT, we assumed then that he was looking for probably more, but the mind just CANNOT go there!!! Gaaahhh!!!

SM’s right — ignore a guy and have better things to do, he’ll want you. Throw yourself at him, he’s history. She says to reverse my pattern — ignore the guys I want yet don’t exactly indulge the ones I don’t … instead, hang around the ones that can tide me over till the good ones realize that they need to chase me in order to earn my attention.

Damn. And here I had hoped that, by age 28, the relationship reindeer games would have been long over. They’re just beginning, it seems. …

And I will WAIT till RK contacts me, if ever!!! Go, me!!! (:::doing cabbage patch dance:::)

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