After a crazy week at work, especially as we tried to put the magazine to bed today but Quark had other ideas, 420 and I indulged in, oh, his namesake before dropping the materials at the printer and heading to Springfield Mall for some serious retail therapy. We spent waaaayyy too much; 420 on furry pillows and me on skirts and scandalous knickers. Ah, joy.

Heard from SE/CTL (and I’m sure that by now, y’all know that they are one in the same person, as was YKW/Brat). Charolette told me that she told him flat-out that I’m dating someone, and that apparently perked his interest and he asked if it’s a good man. She said of course, because I would not settle for anything less. lol. BTW, tomorrow he’s taking his longtime girlfriend to Kennywood for the Two Strikes annual picnic.

Not knowing that Charolette and he had spoken of the guy whom I am wondering what he’s thinking right now, CTL said that F/OM had asked if we still communicate, and he admitted that he and I do exchange emails here and there. Apparently F/OM was surprised to learn that we haven’t talked in weeks. Here’s a story: CTL told me that he and Charolette were having a convo recently about him not calling me, and he commented that I’m probably mad about that. They talked about if I would yell and scream at him. He, self-admittedly, told me that he’d told Charolette that it would make him horny if I’d yell and scream at him. Ewww.

He asked if I had a place to sleep when I visit Pgh, because I can always stay with him. (yeah, who wants laid? — ha ha.) He was also disappointed that I’m only going to be in town one night, which means that I might not see him outside of Lori’s party on Saturday (for which Charolette is my date and no, RK has not said another word about the trip, so I’m drivin’ alone, guys!). He was fishing for a date with me for Saturday night; I could only promise to figure it out when I get there. (Damn, I was supposed to see 42 Boy … wonder if he remembers? lol … But I’m A-OK if he forgets … he scared me a bit with wanting to rape and choke me, to which I said I refused to participate in choking and frankly, you just can’t rape the willing.)

Ahem. TMI, once again!!!

Not sure when I’ll see RK again. He’s going to Boston next weekend, and I may just go back to Pgh if CMU Boy is still willing to have me as his guest for the Melissa Etheridge concert. And the weekend following, RK is supposed to have a party, but I was also invited on a Pub Club adventure to Pennsylvania to eat, drink, be merry and drool over all the hot young college freshmen starting at Bucknell. 🙂 420 says I should take the road trip with the work buddies, because I need friends down here. He says that if RK is worth anything, he’ll wait for me, but honestly, if RK actually has the party and wants me along, it will be a difficult decision. But will the day come? I hope so, but I’ll deal with it then, if at all. I’ve never dumped friends for a man, and I don’t intend to begin now. But I’m so damn tired of being without a relationship (that I want, let me clarify!) that I would like to spend time with him, if he’ll have me.

Speaking of RK, we’ve IMed a few times. No response to my Pgh email apology. Whatever. I flat-out asked him out for tomorrow night, but all he said was that he had plans. One wonders if it’s another date, and I can’t say a word because, well, I don’t know. Not that I am planning to be with CTL in any way, shape or form, because I’m not. Here’s a question: did CTL honestly expect me to be keeping to myself and not meeting people? Perhaps because he is not having sex right now, he figures I’m not, either. LOL … I’ve dated three guys since our last interlude, and things got hot and heavy with two of them. I just don’t want him asking about RK when I don’t know if there is anything to tell. Humph. Damn it, now I really wish RK could’ve come to Pgh. In a way it was a relief that he didn’t want to go, though, because I knew it would hurt CTL if I had a date other than Charolette. And I would never, ever want to flaunt a date in front of him anyway, but RK could have increased my own comfort level, knowing that I wouldn’t be fighting off any advances later in the evening!

Ah, the drama continues. But at least I’m not missing Brat the way I was … I have somebody new to occupy the crack he left in my heart. 🙂 For now, anyway. …

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