There is this strange warm feeling that is circulating through my body today … could it be happiness? I spoke with a nice young man last evening … for three hours, when I should have been finishing my SO not finished articles that were due two days ago. Mmm. I don’t know what it is about him, but I just have a good feeling about this one. I have this strange premonition that he may actually be “the one.” But, of course, my rational side says that, if nothing else, this may turn into a respectable relationship, even if it doen’t last forever. Sweeeeettt.

We will see each other either Friday or Saturday, depending on which day I have plans with 420 Boy to go to a male strip club (I hear they strip down to nothing here!). My new friend invited me to meet him and some of his friends on Friday at a bar in Fairfax, and because I was not sure which day I was going to spend with 420, he said that’s okay and that if I am not free on Friday, then he’s claiming Saturday for a date. Heh heh. I like this guy already!!!

Ok, back to my coffee.

Oh, did I mention how much I fucking LOVE broadband? Especially because, for some bizarre reason, both phone jacks in my bedroom died sometime yesterday. Lab Rat hooked me up and I am just so fucking happy to see webpages at the speed of light. 😉

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