I am trying like hell to remove the post below, and everytime I click “edit,” a pron website keeps showing in the lower half of my page. It’s weird as all hell. I was trying to post some cool links, with my limited knowledge of HTML, so naturally they didn’t appear. Humph.

Had a nice Fourth of July with 420 Boy and his beloved. Didn’t see any fireworks live and in person, but that’s okay with me … I’m not into traffic and crowds right now, so a nice quiet evening at home with them, watching the fireworks in New York (of all places, when I live down the street from D.C. … lol) was A-OK with me. Luckily, there were no instances of terroristic activities, which was great yet expected. My theory was that if there were going to be another attack on America, it would happen today, as we are all smug and happy that they didn’t “get” us yesterday. The next attack (and unfortunately, I believe there will be at least one more) will occur just like 9/11 did, which was just a random Tuesday with no special significance before the attacks happened. I think 9/11 will go down in history as a national holiday as big as July 4; I expect no less than fireworks and parades and other patriotic events on the upcoming 9/11. Hell, I’ll bet we DO declare it a national holiday and give the American workforce a day off … after all, everyone who died that day was either working or died working to save those in the buildings in question … and I don’t think the American public would object to a national holiday based on that alone!

Mom said two planes were grounded in Pgh yesterday … something about bombs. It never hit the news down here, but there was a fatal shooting at LAX that was terroristic in nature. I’ll have to read the New York Times and get the story … I was falling asleep when the news report flashed on the screen.

Feeling drained right now, not like I did a whole lot of anything today. I’ve just been thinking way too much, and it’s killing me. Gotta let the little things go … can’t keep festering over the various details (the minutiae, as HRP always says).

I’ve gotten lost about four times since I arrived here to stay. The good thing is, the puzzle pieces are falling into place, and thanks to 420 Boy, any street where I get lost, I have either been on it or near it, so things look familiar, or I know in which direction to drive where I will find some familiar landmark, so that I can get back on track. It’s kind of interesting, seeing my city from outside the safety of my new bedroom. Now if only I could find some hot young thing to bring BACK to the bedroom, I’d be fine!!!

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