Packing is a disaster … my belongings are regenerating themselves, I swear!!!

Went to the block party today … F/OM and I really bonded, more than ever. We had so many great moments together, just laughing and joking and being the buddies I always knew we could be, without the specter of work overshadowing us. He hugged me so tightly … we hugged a bunch of times. We even kissed goodbye! LOL … I have officially kissed all the men in the operations department except Network Boy!!! 😉

F/OM really says he wants us to keep in touch, and he said now he can be even more real with me, now that he’s not my supervisor anymore. He looked so sad when I left. My heart is feeling so full right now … I spent the day with Mom and with lots of people who mean the world to me. So many people were telling Mom so many wonderful, touching things about me. Mom and Shirley worked the kiddie table and dished about HRP.

Speaking of HRP, she did a fake goodbye with me. Of course, she had to slip in a shitty comment that she knew I was getting tired of working in development and working at the pace at which I was required to work. Bitch.

Gotta wrap up an IM convo with 42 Boy so that I can get back to packing!!!

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