Going to lunch with F/OM tomorrow. Here’s to hoping that Incoherent Twit is not included. She had emailed him that the three of us should go out. Gaaah. He didn’t mention her when he asked if I’m free for tomorrow. Keep yer fingers crossed for me!

Two days @ Two Strikes. Yeah!

Social life is picking up again. Hallelujah! Financial life is in ruins, though. This move is killing me! And kiss the disposable income goodbye, after this. Blah. Can’t even afford to pick up my dry cleaning … I dropped off 22 items, six weeks ago. The cleaner is PISSED!

Oh well. But where my wallet is empty, my soul is filling up again. Two Strikes bruised the spirit but the soul is still intact and untouched.

Survivor game: I give CTL two months, max. Charolette has 10 months, Republican Woman has nine months, Soon to be Married will be there forever, and EWB has maybe two years. Those are my initial picks for Island exiles. But the next one will be AssTwit, the hands-down loser of this round. She’s ready to run, not walk, for the nearest exit. And who would even blame her? When your supervisor tells you every day, “I don’t want to talk to you. Go away,” or, “Don’t speak to me when I first arrive at the office,” or, “You need to not bother me,” I’d be a tad bit upset, too.

I just wonder what HRP said to F/OM at last night’s board meeting. He’s been hauling ass, and I understand that HRP had a few unkind words. Again, surprise. But you can’t treat your top people like that and keep expecting them to lube up their asses a little bit more so they can keep taking it! Do you know how many bottles of KY I’ve used since I started there? lol … I know, TMI!!!!

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