Just wanted to post a cute thought here, amidst all my pissing and moaning. When CTL and I were talking about F/OM scheduling the retreat on my last day and that my supervisor wouldn’t be around to take me out to lunch, CTL said, “So I’ll take you to dinner.” I thought that was way sweet. 🙂

F/OM and I had a nice conversation today. He asked how I’m doing, *really.* I said that I am honestly feeling great. I am relaxed, I am doing my work and I am not stressing to death anymore about what I cannot, and never could, control at work. I said that if only this peaceful feeling would have existed all along, perhaps the outcome (i.e., my departure) would have been much different. He laughed heartily and said, in his unique F/OM voice, “Take me with you!!!” I have always told him I wanted to take him with me, and I reminded him of the same.

Turns out, I must hand over all my projects to Lori, the poor, dear consultant. Even the stuff that’s not due till end of summer, things of which I am more than capable of completing from a distance. She’s trying to have a positive attitude about it … but even she knows that as hard as she will try to accommodate all the extra work, it will be a struggle, and well, as far as Two Strikes’ queen bee, you’ve got to “make it happen” regardless of your actual ability to do so. I was telling Lori how it’s too bad, but now I am finally confident in my abilities and comfortable with my agency knowledge … things aren’t such a struggle because I’ve been here a year now and see how I can establish a routine … finally.

Oh, I just got a card in the mail from the agency … congratulating me on making it to my one-year anniversary. HA!!!

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